Safer Service Tips

When performing sex work, while pleasuring the client, it is also important to maintain a healthy and safe working environment by protecting ourselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as the HIV. For that purpose, it is important that we minimize sexual activities involving the contact of mucous membranes and / or any kind of bleeding.
This is because STI viruses, carried by blood and body fluids, transmit from person to person through the contact of mucous membranes in the mouth and on the genitals.
To help minimizing bleeding and mucous membrane contact, we will be introducing tips for safer sexual service during which sex worker can be better-protected from risks.
All tips are practical techniques created by sex workers based on their past working experiences. These can help you reducing the risk of getting STIs.
Recently, anal sex is available not only at adult entertainment establishments with transsexual workers, establishments with female sex workers are also increasing service offers in anal sex. Since anal membranes are very fragile and prone to bleed, not only is it essential to use a condom, it is also important to use sex techniques that minimize the possibility of breaking the condom. Here we will also be introducing tips that help sex workers offer safer anal sex service. Please feel free to use them as reference.

This activity offers maximum physical intimacy, while minimizing the contact of mucous membranes. As illustrated, with knees bent and legs crossed, stretch out the arm that is being used as a pillow to hold the client tight around the shoulder-blade, and draw the client toward you facing sideways. Stay close to the client, stroking the penis while moving your waist in the same rhythm will make the mood even better.

Support yourself firmly with your knees to reduce the weight carried by your lower back. Then, as if holding the penis between your butt/bum cheeks, use your dominant hand to stroke the penis, holding it from the base, and use the other hand to wrap around and cover the top of the penis. Slowly moving your hips in a smooth wave-like motion will make it even better.

Let the client sit with upper body straight, legs stretched-out, and allow him to hold your hips with his hands. While stroking the penis, kiss the client’s face and chin, using your breath to create a sense of physical intimacy in the facial region, enhancing (the illusion) of intimacy and sensuality. In case the client is not used to the movement of your hips, it is helpful to have him lean back on a support (such as a chair).

Excite the client by using an unusual position. Spread out his legs and get into the riding position. Stroke the penis while moving the hips gently.

(In this sexual activity, the worker) Making your client orgasm by hand instead of using your mouth and/or thighs. Put one arm below the client’s neck and have him embrace you. Slide your left knee under the client’s elbow. Stabilize the upper body by hanging over the chest and stroke the penis. Holding and rocking the client can make him relax even more .

While licking the client’s nipples, use one of your knees to apply slight pressure in the area between the testicles and the anus. Let your lower abdomen rub against the penis.

While licking your client’s nipples, hold the penis in the back of your knee and stroke the penis.

Hold the penis in the space between your vulva and the thigh using your index and middle finger as if making a V-sign. Use the other hand to wrap around and cover the penis, then stroke it by moving your hips.

Hold the penis using your dominant hand, and let the client rest his head upon the other arm. Let the client hold onto you.

Starting by facing sideways with your client, pull the entwined legs further outward to guide the client on top of you into riding position, then move your hips. Instead of holding the penis between the thighs, hold it using the hand and let the client move his hips.

Hold the penis between your thighs and rub it by moving the thighs up and down. Crossing your feet will improve the thighs’ grip on the penis. However, this might not work with slender thighs.

Raise your knees and let the client rest his heels on your thighs. Push your knees against the client’s back of the knees. Make the client feel as if you are taking the lead.

Hold the penis between your palm and belly and rub against it. Use plenty of lotion. Bend one knee and use it as the pivot leg, move back and forth. Avoid focusing too much on the motion of your hand.

Raise your knee and cross your legs with the client’s, such that your lower legs are placed next to the client’s outer thighs. Lower your hips. While caressing the testicles (or the area between the testicles and the anus) using your hand, move your hips up and down gently, stroking the penis.

As if having the penis touching the area around the belly and the pubis, move your waist while stroking the penis using your hand. It is important that you use one of your thighs to block the view, such that the client does not see the genitals.

lide your leg under the client’s thigh, hold the penis between your thighs and stroke it using your hand.

Ride on top of the client and open your legs. The visual stimulation makes it easier for the penis to erect. Meanwhile, stroke the penis using your hand while making sure the penis does not touch your genital. It is helpful to move your waist simultaneously as well.

When dealing with dangerous client who intends to insert his fingers, place your legs upon his arms to prevent him from doing so.

When dealing with client who wishes to insert his fingers, distract him by having him holding your hand. Guide him into touching your breasts instead as much as you can.

Fingering of the genital is more likely to happen during nipple-licking. This can be prevented by engaging in positions that have the worker and the client licking each other’s nipples. Grasp the client’s hands under these situations.

When licking the anus, secretly put a condom on your tongue without the client noticing.

Let the client rest his waist upon your knee. While rubbing the nipples with your hand, use your breasts to stimulate the penis as if engaging in mammary sex.

First, while preparing the bath, hide the condom in the area where body washes are stored. As you wash your client in standing position, position him with his back to where you hid the condom and place the condom in your mouth, continuing to wash his back.

After thoroughly washing the body, use the condom that is hidden your mouth to perform oral sex with the client standing. Also, holding some warm water in your mouth allows you to perform a oral service with a twist.

Tip for Transgender Worker

Before inserting the dildo or the penis, put a condom on your fingers and use them to slowly loosen up the anus. Lotions are helpful as well. In case your nails are long, wrap the end of your fingers with tissue paper cut to the proper size, then put a condom over your fingers.

When performing anal sex, judging from the client’s penis size, loosen up your anus accordingly beforehand. As illustrated, while stimulating the client’s genitals (or performing similar acts), secretly loosen up your anus such that the sensual mood is not affected.

Ride on top of the client, and use the hand behind to stroke the penis. Effectively using the hips at the same time is helpful as well. Additionally, use the free hand to grasp the client’s arm to prevent him from moving it freely, making the sex activity safer.

During anal sex, wrap your arms around the client’s waist, and use your legs to restrain the client’s thighs. This prevents the client from moving his waist violently, such that the worker can be protected from the risks of bleeding and condom breakage due to violent thrusting of the penis.

Rub together your penis with the client’s penis. When doing so, inserting your fingers between the penises helps preventing the penises from rubbing against each other too harshly. It is even better if you can put a condom on your penis or the client’s penis.

Hold the client’s penis between your thighs. Turn your thighs inward as if hiding the genital. Meanwhile stimulate the penis using your hand or your belly. Also, moving your waist in this position will make the client feel as if the penis has been inserted.

When penetrating the client during anal sex, fold up pillows and cushions and insert them beneath the client’s waist, making the client’s hip facing upward. This makes it harder for the client to move his body around, making the activity safer as well as the insertion of the penis easier.


When licking the anus, use the condom like a dental dam. First use a scissor to cut off the reservoir tip of the condom. Then cut the condom through starting from the outside towards the center hole. Finally unroll the condom and use it like a dental dam.