SWASH Paradise (☆SwaPara) Sexworkers’ Consultation Café

Sexworkers’ self-help group SWASH create spaces where sexworkers can meet to exchange ideas and solve their worries and problems.

☆SwaPara Consultation Café is open 1pm-4pm on the 2nd Friday of each month in Umeda. We meet to talk about things that are tough about the job, ‘What do you do when this happens?’ ’How do I deal with that?’ etc., etc. Anyone working at Soapland, Strip Bars, ‘Health’, ‘New-haafu Health’, or working independently is welcome♪ Please drop in to enjoy yourselves before work or on your way home ♪ Coming just for an hour is fine! ♪ To protect privacy we tell you the location when you contact us. Please check on the web too. If you can come only on a different day or you’re shy of meeting new people, please contact us anyway.

☆ Guests at SwaPara so far:
Top-Ranking Sexworkers, Lawyers, Accountants, Documentary writers, Medical doctors, Single mother support group staff, Australian sexworker group members.

☆ Topics so far:
Becoming a top-rank sexworker, Solving customer and work problems, Solving single mother’s problems, ‘forty-eight positions’ workshop, Preparing for emergencies, Sexwork in other countries, Solving debt problems.

☆ Planned topics:
‘What makes a top-rank sexworker?’ ‘How about sexwork in local areas?’ ‘What happens if you don’t change your registered residence?’ etc., etc. Please email us topics you want to hear about and guests you want to see! We are open to requests!
SWASH also has a telephone helpline run by current and former sexworkers.
You can talk about work moans, ask advice about STDs, anything you like!. We’re waiting for sexworkers’ calls ♪
Email: mail.swash@gmail.com Telephone: 080-3439-1756
twitter: @swash_jp
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sexwork.swash

☆Other groups and a gathering for sex workers
【SWEETLY(Sex Workers! Encourage, Empower, Trust and Love Yourselves!)】
SWEETLY CAFE, a monthly get-together for sex workers, meets from 4-6 pm on the second Tuesday of every month in Osaka’s Nanba area. All people with experiences working in the sex industry – regardless of your gender or whether you’re currently working – are welcome. To learn the specific location, please contact the e-mail address listed below.
sweetly.cafe@gmail.com https://twitter.com/SweetlyCafe

【Kitai-ba】For those of you in Tokyo, Kitai-ba is a monthly gathering for former and current sex workers, strippers, and others with experience in the sex industry. We meet in Tokyo from 3-6 pm on the third Tuesday of every month. Please e-mail us at kitaiba.tokyo@gmail.com for more information and details about locations!
※ Information currently up-to-date, 2013.