Let’s go to the Public Health Center!

<Q1> Please tell me about the job of public health nurses?
A. In simple terms, the job of a public health nurse is to support the people in the area to live healthy lives. Also, unlike in the past, they don’t only work on infectious diseases, they’re involved in consultation about abuse, and DV (violence by a partner, etc) too. You can talk to public health nurses about welfare services as well, not only medical issues, so please ask their advice freely.

<Q2> What sort of place is a public health center?
A. Health centers don’t only deal with sexually transmitted infections and things to do with physical health, they can also be consulted about children’s development, mental health, etc. They link with related organizations to offer support for DV and abuse, as well.
Also, at clinics, etc. you have to pay for HIV tests, but at public health centers it’s free and anonymous, and you can get tested chlamydia, syphilis and other STIs at the same time free of charge too.

<Q3> Do they require a certificate of residence to respond to problems?
A. You don’t necessarily need a certificate of residence to get advice at a public health center. Outside of health centers, you can carry out the procedures for children to go to school or nursery, get health insurance, and so on, without changing your official residence record if the reason is abuse or DV, which have become recognized as problems in recent years. Please ask at the DV consultation desk.

<Q4> Do you have to give your name or occupation at the public health center?
A. No. If you don’t want to give your real name or occupation you don’t have to. If you are asked something that you don’t want to answer, just keep quiet or say you prefer not to say.

<Q5> Do public health nurses only work in the public health center?
A. No. They visit families with small children at home to offer consultation and support and they can also make home visits for people with other health problems.

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